Work Experience

Skills, former roles, and work samples

Work Experience

For my full CV — including dates and more detailed descriptions of the roles — please see my LinkedIn profile.

Senior Account Executive, SPQR Communications

Working for a startup PR agency in central London, England, I was primarily focused on helping one of our clients (a Canadian biotechnology company) get the word out about their capabilities. This included pitching stories to journalists, creating a messaging framework and strategy, writing and editing optimal web content, and weekly status reports to ensure business needs were being met.

I also helped with other accounts, including editing and formatting MailChimp newsletters, creating and maintaining basic websites, video shooting and editing, and competitor analysis to inform communication strategy.

I have work samples for this position, but would prefer not to post them publicly. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • a journalist briefing and Business Wire release;

  • a creative brief for a photographer;

  • web copy following a site-wide redesign.

Feel free to send me an email if you’re interested in seeing these.

Social Media Analyst, Manitoba Hydro

Don’t be thrown off by the “analyst” title: I did the content planning, posting, customer service, and advertising for Manitoba Hydro’s Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for nearly three years. It was a great cross between public relations, marketing, and customer service.

I also did some event and product photography (and one landscape, which is on the homepage), design work, proofing and editing news releases, writing and editing articles for internal communications, and media relations, among other things.

I have work samples for this position, but would prefer not to post them publicly. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • an employee communications strategy for when cannabis became legal;

  • web copy and a graphic design briefing for a social media contest we ran;

  • a customer engagement strategy for outage communications.

Feel free to send me an email if you’re interested in seeing these.

Public Programs and Services Assistant, Diabetes Canada (formerly Canadian Diabetes Association)

This summer job had me driving all over the city doing presentations about risk factors and ways to avoid or manage Type 2 Diabetes. I went to classrooms, boardrooms, care homes, and gymnasiums to deliver them.

I also created an integrated marketing proposal (focusing on social media and radio), a social media audit and strategy for Clothesline (Diabetes Canada’s sister agency), and a promotional video for a youth program (it was removed after the re-brand).

I have work samples for this position, but would prefer not to post them publicly. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • A social media strategy for Clothesline’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Feel free to send me an email if you’re interested in seeing these.

Editor/proofreader, Freelance

Since September 2014, I’ve taken on side jobs helping people make the most of their writing. I’ve edited legal and policy documents for the Red River College Students’ Association, written and edited news releases for private clients, and helped a University of Manitoba student polish his master’s degree thesis.


University of Winnipeg
Bachelor of Arts, Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications, 2013

Red River College
Diploma, Creative Communications (Public Relations Major), 2015



  • Writing — proposals, op-eds, news stories, research papers, creative briefs, short stories, news releases, strategies, memos, executive briefs, media pitches, etc.

  • Document editing — for content, spelling, grammar, and formatting.

  • Photography — landscapes, architecture, product shots, action shots, events.

  • Blogging — writing regular web-formatted posts, image editing, formatting, etc. The precursor to my weekly tech podcast was a blog about technology.

  • Pitching — talking to journalists about potential news stories.

  • Distillation of information — taking a complicated topic or explanation and simplifying it for easy and social-media-friendly consumption.

  • Packaging media kits — putting together media kits for news conferences or tours.

  • Social media advertising — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, AdWords, and LinkedIn.

  • Photo editing and layout — proficient with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge, and Illustrator.

  • Audio editing and podcasting — weekly use of Adobe Audition for recording, editing, and publishing Wrecked by Tech, a podcast about Canada and technology. Backend experience with iTunes and Fireside (a platform developed specifically for hosting and distributing podcasts).

Other relevant experience

Host/producer/editor/marketer, Wrecked by Tech podcast

Starting in August 2016, I joined forces with a tech journalist and a web developer to create a Canada-focused technology podcast. Every week we review the latest technology news — especially as it pertains to Canada — and discuss what it means (or may mean) for society. I coordinate the recordings, edit audio, post to the podcasting platform we use, and manage our Facebook page.

We have listeners from all over Canada, some parts of the United States, and a few in the UK. As of this writing, we average about 250 downloads per episode.

Social Media Intern, Great-West Life

As part of a three-week work placement during Creative Communications, I drafted corporate posts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. I collected analytics from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help inform further social strategy, and I joined a weekly brainstorm to suggest topics and strategies for future content.

Communications Intern, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

As part of a three-week work placement during Creative Communications, I produced, directed, scripted, shot, and edited a promotional video for a living wage campaign; did layout on a brochure about CCPA and what they do; and put together media kits (including writing and editing the news release) for a news conference.

Other qualifications

Manitoba Working at Heights, HazmastersEd Training Centre

An all-day safety training course focusing on restraints, harnesses, and fall arrests, this certification allows me to work in high places. I had to take this course so I could get on top of the Manitoba Hydro building (360 Portage) to shoot these Winnipeg skyline photos:

Photography 201, PrairieView School of Photography

A nine-session course touching on theory and practical lessons in photography, the assignments and classes I took at PrairieView helped me improve my photography and look at the world in a different way.