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My name is Riley and I've been a communicator since I was 18 months old. I've been passionate about reading and writing since I first learned how, and many years later I’m even more enthusiastic about both. English and Language Arts were always my strongest subjects, which led me to my Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications from the University of Winnipeg. From there, I studied Creative Communications at Red River College — though I'm not sure "studied" is the right word. I studied in university; in college, I worked. Hard. Daily deadlines for writing, layout, photography, audio, journalism, and advertising assignments (to name a few) had all of us pulling our hair, but it was in service of becoming a better communicator. I loved every second of it. 

My professional career continued my love of communicating and telling stories. So far I’ve done presentations (from a class of children to boardrooms), written articles, and managed social media accounts. I’ve pitched to journalists, created strategic communications plans, maintained websites, and sent out newsletters. I’ve even done visual communications: shot and edited video, taken photos, and laid out brochures. And, since it comes with the territory, I’ve edited and proofread a lot. I expect my career will steer me toward all sorts of other exciting ways to communicate, and I’m happy about that — learning isn’t a chore when you love what you do.

I'm very interested in technology (especially how it affects Canada), which is why I podcast about it every week. My friends and co-hosts Marc Lagace and Dan Betcher and I have been hosting and producing the show since August 2016, and we’ve recorded an episode almost every week since then. You can get it on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and almost any other podcatcher you know and love.

I also love film and digital photography, travel, and writing short stories. You can learn more about my experience with all of these things by clicking the buttons below.




Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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