I loved doing the audio on live productions in junior high and high school. I still love audio, but now it’s all pre-recorded.


The latest and greatest.

My current podcast project — let me help you “tech yourself before you wreck yourself.”

Wrecked by Tech

Years ago I wrote a tech blog. I liked writing, I liked editing, and I liked tech. It was the perfect marriage of things I enjoyed.

Or it almost was.

I also liked podcasting. I had produced, scripted, and edited a podcast for a school project (see below), and since I’m always listening to podcasts, I got thinking about how much I missed making one. Talking and reading about tech consumed a huge portion of my leisure time anyway, so I asked two nerdy friends — one a web designer and the other a journalist at Android Central — if they’d like to do a show with me. We resolved to cover the latest in tech news, but from a uniquely Canadian perspective.

We’ve released an episode almost every week since August 2016. In addition to all the editing, I name the episodes, write the descriptions, and post them to our podcasting platform.

The show is available everywhere you get podcasts, but you also can listen online here. We’re also active on Facebook and Reddit.

intelli-gents logo [from Facebook].jpg

The one that started it all.

A school project that kicked off my love of producing, hosting, and editing podcasts.

The Intelli-Gents Podcast

The Intelli-Gents was a year-long school project for the Creative Communications at Red River College. I produced, hosted, and edited this show with a classmate, and we published it between October 2014 and April 2015.

Every episode involved an interview, recurring segments, and splicing things together with audio cues. Here’s the description we wrote for the show at the time:

The Intelli-Gents is a biweekly educational podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Each episode, Mike and Riley discuss a different topic, ranging from pets to beer to Christmas. Interviews with experts are broken up with recurring segments like The Gents Get Testy and The Gents Allay Your Fears.

So whether you’re sitting down, standing up, or levitating, pop in some headphones and let The Intelli-Gents teach you something. We promise this won’t be on a test.

It’s still up: you can listen in your browser here or on iTunes here.

I learned a lot from this project, and looking back on it, there are lots of things I would do differently. It was a good introduction to podcasting and editing software, mic technique, and how to record and edit an interview. It’s not perfect, but that’s okay. You have to start somewhere.

We also released a number of videos on YouTube. Lots of lessons learned there, too; our video equipment wasn’t stellar, our lighting technique was lackluster, and our on-camera presentation could’ve been a bit more natural. Our editing was pretty good, though, and I keep these online as a way to look back and learn from my mistakes.